Think of us as part of your team

At iSeed Ventures, we look to partner with founders early, sometimes even before a company exists. We're committed to working closely with our founders and partnering on anything from recruiting, go-to-market strategies, and streamlining future fundraising. We stand behind these brilliant men and women with all of our support when they need it and we get out of the way when they're ready to sprint.

Our thriving companies

Adam and the team at iSeed really dive in and support the business from multiple angles -- helping us think about unit economics, market penetration strategies, and approaches to hiring. We're looking forward to working with the team again on the next project!

Samir Malik - CEO 1DocWay

iSeed is extremely supportive, to the point and fast. The thorough knowledge of emerging technologies and their effect on the healthcare markets were essential for us to development our strategy to enter the US healthcare market.

Frank Westermann - CEO MySugr